A Go-Kart Collision and a Lifelong Career

My journey into the world of chiropractic started at 16 on a go-kart track with one of the most boneheaded games I've ever played. If you ever participated in a round of "Kill the Man With the Ball" as a kid, you get the idea: Take down whoever has the ball by any means necessary. Except this time, making a decision that would ... CONTINUE READING


Success Story

"I have suffered from allergies for many, many years. My only relief came from allergy medication prescribed to me by my doctor. I really believed that taking medication was my only answer to stopping my allergy symptoms until I met Dr. Colby. I was introduced to him by his wife, whom I worked with and who had watched me suffer from these allergy attacks at work ... CONTINUE READING


Can Chiropractic Care Help With Allergies?

For many, the arrival of spring in Connecticut brings twittering birds, beautiful flowers bursting from the ground, and a chance to finally go outside without a jacket. For others, it brings runny noses, sneezing fits, and itchy, watery eyes ... CONTINUE READING

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