Making a Tangible Impact on Our Patients’ Lives

In the past few years, I've seen a steady increase in the number of patients who are desperate for relief. Usually, these patients have tried nearly every treatment under the sun and been bounced between an array of different medical experts, only to find their pain stubbornly persisting. I find it incredibly gratifying to help these people, who have nearly lost hope for a pain–free life ... CONTINUE READING


Success Story

I really never understood how lucky I was to be married to a chiropractor until I was involved in an auto accident.

I was on my way home one night and was stopped at a light. I was waiting to turn left onto the highway when out of nowhere I was hit on the rear passenger side of my car ... CONTINUE READING


Make the Best of Bad Weather

Your family's plans have been blown away by a storm, trapping you inside for the day. You've run out of ideas, the kids are bouncing off of the walls, and the collective sighing of "I'm bored" is starting to wear you down. And the worst part? It's lunch time. So, how are you going to pass the time and keep bellies full? ... CONTINUE READING

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