Dusting Off My Golf Clubs

As the weather finally starts to inch above a brutal 20 degrees, everyone takes a minute to shake off the winter frost and step outside into the sun. For me, the spring provides an opportunity to finally get out onto the golf course and play the first few holes of the season. Golf has long been one of my favorite pastimes, which makes the beginning of spring one of the most exciting moments of every year ... CONTINUE READING


Success Story

"I cannot begin to use enough positive superlatives to describe Dr. Colby's work as a chiropractor. I came to Dr. Colby having sustained an aggravating and lingering injury that was not going away, despite numerous visits to my PCP, an orthopedic surgeon, and a physical therapist. My biggest mistake was not coming to Dr. Colby first. He instantly identified what was going on ... CONTINUE READING


Why Pro Golfers Depend on Chiropractors

While golf is usually seen as a relaxing, easygoing sport, it's deceptively easy to injure yourself while out on the links. After hundreds of hours hunched over perfecting your swing and thousands of violent twists of your entire back, it's no surprise that golfers commonly suffer from back pain ... CONTINUE READING

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