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Kid wearing a backpack.

Heavy Backpacks Cause Injury;
Chiropractic Can Help.

The kids are back in school, and you know what that means: relief that you don't have to keep them entertained every moment of the day mixed with the stress of shuttling them to a huge number of sports practices and extracurricular activities. But for your kid, the hardest part of school won't be their first algebra test — it'll be the 30-pound backpack warping their spine throughout the semester ... CONTINUE READING

Puzzle pieces making up a face.

The Intricate Connections of the Human Body

The other day, I had a patient come in with a tangled mess of issues plaguing his body. He was an IT professional at a small business, tapping away at a keyboard nearly all day every day. Apparently, he didn't follow all that advice that's come out saying that sitting is the new smoking, or read the research about how important the ergonomics of your workspace are to your overall health ... CONTINUE READING

Backpack illustration with school supplies.

Bring Your Backpack for a Free Checkup

The beginning of a new school year invites a lot of discussion of the word "back." You say "back to school," and "pack your backpack," but few people stop to consider the effect that this time of year has on one of the most overworked parts of their bodies: their actual backs! That's why our team here at South Windsor Neck & Back wants to offer free posture and backpack evaluations this month. With all the crisp, clean notebooks, freshly sharpened pencils ... CONTINUE READING

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