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Man's back.

Check Your Back; Save Your Life

Your back is essential to your everyday movement. It keeps you upright, helps you walk, and connects the rest of your body together. That's why back pain or injuries can be some of the most devastating — and that's all the more reason to regularly check your back ... CONTINUE READING

Woman who looks freaked out.

Managing Patient Fears

While it doesn't always happen, it isn't too uncommon for appointments at the South Windsor Neck & Back office to be met with some apprehension from patients. These are people's backs, after all, and one wrong move could impact every part of their body. And to be honest, sometimes those sounds coming from the body ... CONTINUE READING

Spine scanner.

Spinal Scan October Special

Don't get backed into a corner when it comes to your spinal health. When your recovery begins to plateau, it's frustrating, but at South Windsor Neck & Back, we're committed to continually helping our patients maintain their active lifestyles.

And now we're offering patients and their loved ones a special opportunity to monitor their spinal health ... CONTINUE READING

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