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Food and Your Well-Being

A proper diet can do more than help you lose a few pounds and shed inches off your waist; it can change your life. You've heard medical professionals drone on and on about the importance of making healthy choices, but scientific findings show that your brain and body are begging you to do so ... CONTINUE READING

Getting Healthy With Optavia

This past November, I had a revelation about my health. Even as a medical professional, I'm not immune to the tendency to put my health on the back burner, and like most of the medical community, it's difficult for me to notice my own poor health when I’m so focused on helping my patients ... CONTINUE READING

Effectively Lose Weight With Optavia!

Chiropractic care is versatile, which means that our experts at South Windsor Neck and Back treat a variety of patients with both unique and routine challenges. Our goal is to not only help patients overcome these roadblocks but to also see them reach their optimal level of health. It’s always been our interest to address all areas of health and wellness, including ... CONTINUE READING

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