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Using Chiropractic Adjustments to Relieve
Nerve Pain

When you live with sciatica, it can feel like your life is being dictated by your pain. Lower back and leg pain confiscate your focus while your family and friends continue with their plans and activities. Fortunately, there's an easy way to find relief for sciatica: chiropractic adjustments. During your initial meeting with a chiropractor ... CONTINUE READING

Struggling Through Sciatica?

Pain is powerful. It's not uncommon for someone in pain to cancel plans with friends and make the heating pad, ice packs, and the couch their new friends. Daily routines become impossible. Chores are even more miserable. Over-the-counter pain pills are popped like Tic Tacs as sufferers search for some form of relief ... CONTINUE READING

Success Story

"Years ago, I began having vascular cluster migraines and [chiropractic care] helped me a lot … Then, I started having back troubles, and I believe in chiropractic care. You know, wellness starts at the spine, so I started coming to this location ... CONTINUE READING

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