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Chiropractors Can Relieve Your Allergies and Ear Infections!

Having a backache or hip pain typically has you wobbling to your chiropractor, but there are so many more ways their expertise can help you. Find out how this kind of care can relieve two common summertime conditions below … CONTINUE READING

Hiking With Dr. Colby

When I had more time to devote to my hobbies, I was an avid hiker. I'm sad to say that I don’t get to do it as much as I used to, but I find myself at peace whenever I get the chance to go. I have always enjoyed the relaxation fresh air offers down a winding trail, especially along the rail trails that dot Connecticut … CONTINUE READING

Celebrate Patient Appreciation Day on July 20

Every day, we get to help hardworking and dedicated patients who trust us with one of the body's most vital components. Your commitment to your spinal health makes our dream come true each day, and we could not be more grateful that you put your health in our hands.

In honor of our patients and to show our appreciation, we are celebrating Patient Appreciation Day this July! This midday party will feature great food, exciting entertainment, and … CONTINUE READING

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