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Back Talk

"My son, Braxtin, has been coming to get adjusted since he was a baby to help clear up his ear infections. And my daughter, Marzena, when she gets a cold, adjustments clear her sinuses. They both do stunt classes and play rough and tumble, and adjustments … CONTINUE READING

How Your Cellphone Is Hurting Your Neck

A few weeks ago, I was assisting a patient for their regular adjustment when I noticed something strange. Nothing unusual was wrong with the patient, nor did I feel off or sick. But I noticed that I left my phone in my pocket.

Whenever I’m adjusting a patient, I try to keep my entire focus on them. This is their time to check in with their health, and they deserve my full attention. When I discovered that … CONTINUE READING

Tips for a Healthy Back-to-School Season

Your kids may be dreading school, but chances are you are ready for them to be back in a routine. Keep their schedule going with these tips for a healthy, safe school year.

Mind Their Spine Children’s bodies are in a constant state of development. This puts a lot of pressure on their bodies, and the spine can specifically feel the brunt of these changes. Children should have regular chiropractic adjustments to monitor … CONTINUE READING

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