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Help South Windsor Neck and Back Give Back to Homeless Veterans

According to government statistics from January 2017, there are more than 40,000 homeless veterans on any given day in the U.S. In addition, the government supports approximately 90,000 housing options for soldiers and their families … CONTINUE READING

Dr. Colby Escapes to Hawaii for a Week of Relaxation and Family

Aloha! Angie and I just returned from our first trip to Maui, Hawaii, this fall, and we already cannot wait until we can make it back someday. (We may never make it back, but we can certainly hope. Fingers crossed!) While I had never been to Hawaii, Angie had visited years ago, but this eight-day trip was still new and exciting for both of us … CONTINUE READING

Seek Healing After Car Accidents With
Chiropractic Care

As we enter another snowy season in the Northeast, we know the latter half of each year becomes a dangerous few months for your spine. This winter, avoid a spinal meltdown with chiropractic care from Dr. Chris Colby and the experts at South Windsor Neck & Back … CONTINUE READING

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