Too Much – How to Say Yes to More

Too Much - How to Say Yes to More

By: South Windsor Neck & Back

Chiropractic is about bringing "more" into your life.

The challenge is that these days it can be hard to bring more into your life…

Without it breaking you down.

Today there are more opportunities than ever.  More exciting job and career options, ways to make money, reach out and impact people, and involve yourself in exciting projects.

More opportunity to meet new people, socialize, attend events.  Restaurants, travel, and on and on.

More exercise classes to take, skills to learn, adventures to plan.

On one hand, this makes modern life full.  Full of excitement, promise - and full schedules.

On the other hand, all of this "more" today can also quickly become "too much."

And sometimes it isn't obvious when that transition takes place - until it is too late.

And you find yourself in the place of having overdone it.

Too hard too fast in the new boxing class.  Too much work tethered to your laptop followed by too much high-flying fun and vacation.

Or just too many calendar pages stuffed too full for too long.

And then the fallout occurs - when "yes, let's" becomes "oh no, not this, no."

Breakdown.  Stress.  Suddenly just getting the basics done is challenging, and the idea of more fun is long gone. Plans get put on hold, and all the options and opportunities start to get hazy and distant, pushed back and away, way out to the horizon.

As fast as highlights can line up, they can vanish as well.

Then a whole new packed lineup can appear.  Feelings of missing out.  Stress.  Fear for the future and sudden unknowns.  Uncertainty.  Pain and limitation and wondering what went wrong.

Even wondering if all that potential fun and excitement out there is for you - or maybe it's best left to somebody - or everybody else.

And the distinct difference between these two potentials are how well you re-charge.

Because the world and the pace of life isn't slowing down anytime soon.  In fact, it's more likely to speed up.

The real variable is how much can you take advantage of without ending up regretting it later.  And when it comes to upgrading your ability to adapt - roll with the punches, and the ups and downs - that's what chiropractic was designed for.  It just so happens that over 100 wild years later, it is now more important - and more relevant - than ever.


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