Welcome To iWorld

Welcome To iWorld

by: South Windsor Neck & Back

Embrace Your Inner Wisdom

There is a tremendous amount of wisdom that we have inside of ourselves that we can benefit from if we take a moment to stop and recognize it.  Chiropractors, working with the body instead of trying to "treat" it, are naturally good at recognizing this wisdom lurking within us.

The spine, like most complex systems, needs the right balance.  The right balance doesn't mean equal, but it means balance as in parts of a system that work together.  One of the components of balance that the spine needs is the balance between flexibility and protection.  Inside of your spine is critical nerve tissue, primarily your spinal cord.  Yet your spine also needs to be able to not only protect this vital tissue under all sorts of stresses and loads, it also needs to be flexible enough to assist you in moving through physical challenges, all day every day.

When it's healthy, the spine does a great job of balancing these roles against all manner of stresses.  Over time, however, each one of these opposing needs may begin to fade, slowly losing its flexibility, and its resiliency.  And without the right care, we as people can too.  Stress can wear us down, making us unbalanced and less efficient.  Just like your spine, we all need some regular re-invigorating to be able to find those challenging balances that can take everything we've got.  Chiropractors help you in delivering balance in your spine and in your life.

"Don't Make Your Chiropractor Say 'Yikes!'"

In a little over ten years since the first iPhone, there are now more cell phones and mobile devices on the planet than human beings.  This transition has led to dramatic changes in our bodies.  Chiropractors have been on the front lines of seeing how the arrival of mobile devices has changed our bodies, mainly for the worse.  This is because our daily activities change every aspect of us.  And the more of something we do, the greater the change they cause.  A recent study found that Americans check their phones on average of 47 times per day!

And most affected by this are children.  At no other time do our bodies adapt more quickly to our behavior than childhood.  So while our lives and bodies have been radically altered by cell phone use, the true effects of these changes on us will not be seen until this school-aged generation matures into adulthood, as the first generation to grow up using mobile devices moves through a full life span into their elderly years.  To a large degree this is an inevitable process, as mobile technology is not going away.  What is up for alteration is how much each individual is affected, for better or worse.  No doubt though our new technology will continue to change us.

Based on what we know already about what phones do to our bodies, chiropractors are hoping to not be saying "Yikes!" at the outcomes.


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